Avenue Innovations' mission is to manufacture and distribute innovative, reliable, and affordable products that improve the quality of life.


avin is the leading brand in solutions that provide comfort and safety for automobile users – both drivers and passengers.

This line includes unique items that are simple and easy to use, but that make a huge difference in people’s confidence while enjoying their own means of transportation regardless of any temporary or permanent mobility challenge.

Our close relationship with the American Occupational Therapists Association (AOTA), has earned a place for our patented Handybar® into their CarFit® program.


Stander™ assistive devices are built to help users maintain their dignity and independence, while living longer lives.

This line comprises items that make the transition from standing to sitting or even to lying down and back up significantly easier and safer, including:

  • bed rails for every need and budget,
  • safety bars that blend into the regular home setting,
  • light, easy to assemble and portable designs, optimized for travel


LifeStrength™ are the exclusive developers of the process known as Ion Health technology, which utilizes 7 natural minerals which may improve your body’s ability to function optimally.

This line includes:

  • ion wristbands,
  • medical bracelets


A subsidiary of LifeStrength™, StrengthTape™ is perfect for everyone from weekend warriors to dedicated athletes. Whether you are trying to come back from an injury faster, prevent an injury, or seeking an edge in performance, StrengthTape™ can help.

This line includes:

  • StrengthTape™ rolls,
  • StrengthTape™ kits