Handy multi-use tray

The Multi-Use Laptop and TV Tray can be attached to the CouchCane for the comfort of the user. It can be to keep items that the user may need close by such a Laptop, books, remote etc. and it also comes equipped with a cup holder/utensil compartment. It swivels 360 degrees to not hinder mobility and easily swings out of the way.


  • The multi-use tray is great for laptops, meals and any keeping other items handy
  • Does not hinder any movement and is pushed easily out of the way


  • The tray can hold up to 30 lbs
  • Comes with a cup and utensil holder
  • It is adaptable and can attach to any Stander CouchCane
  • The arm pivots and rotates 360 degrees


  • Size of tray: 16” x 18”
  • Weight limit of tray: 30 lbs